My hairs journey (so far)

Hey everyone! 🙂

I thought a good blog post to start off with would be one detailing my hair journey.

I am a natural blonde and during my teenage years I was terrified of the idea of dyeing my hair! However, at the start of 2015, I was so fed up with the way it looked. In my eyes it looked dull and boring and I was dying for some change!

My natural hair colour

I stupidly decided to let my brother box dye my whole head. I initially just wanted some highlights but was afraid of coming out the other end with Zebra stripes! I used an extremely bright blonde XXL Live Colour on my hair and the results were overwhelming. After having my natural hair for my whole life, it took some getting used to!
The XXL Live Blonde

I’m not exactly sure what other dyes I used after that but they were just other, more natural, blonde hair dyes, to try and get my hair looking a bit more real! It was so bright 😂
Hair over the past year, still quite bright

Obviously dyeing your hair, especially blonde, has a huge effect on it. My hair has never been thick, but since dyeing it, it has just become even thinner. Every time I wash my hair, a handful of strands come out.

I’ve been letting my roots grow out since September 2015, to try and get my hair back to a somewhat natural state, and to try and make it healthier. I’ve stopped using heat on my hair too. My roots are pretty bad at the minute, probably about 2 inches long. However, I have a wedding abroad in May so I’m going to get a full head of highlights at the start of next month. I know it won’t be good for my hair but my roots are getting ridiculously long, plus getting a professional to do it has to be better than doing it at home!
Those roots tho…

I’d love to get my natural colour back at some stage but for now, “fake blonde” will have to do. I don’t mind that at all though! I think as long as I start looking after it that bit more it should be fine! Excited to get it done properly for once 😁 I will update when I do 😊

Thanks for reading
Love, Samantha B 👱


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