Bargain Beauty: Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask


Today I am going to try out the Argan Oil Hydrating hair mask I bought. I’ve heard great things about the Argan Oil brand and it is so affordable for everyone out there. I picked it up for €1.49 in Dealz! (I live in Ireland). If that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is 😊

As discussed in my previous post, I have very thin hair. Even thinner in the past year from colouring it! So I’m always looking for things to keep my hair in better shape. I’ve found I cannot go without conditioner at all since dyeing my hair, whereas before I would only use it every second wash or so as I have oily hair naturally. However, these days if I don’t use it, my hair gets very knotted and hard to brush out, and I end up having hair all over the floor, which is not a good thing!



Excuse the dirty hair 😀

I decided to pick up this hair mask anyway, and I’m trying it out today. Your hair needs to be shampooed beforehand and towel dried. I split my hair into two sections, brushed it through and just applied generous amounts throughout my hair using my fingers. I tried not to apply too much to the roots, just the length and ends as I have oily hair


       Mask in hair

The hair mask goes on very smoothly. It says you have to leave it in for 7-10 minutes, I left it on for around 20 minutes! I’ve used other conditioners on my hair that have gone very sticky and dry while I’m waiting to wash it out, but this one remains very smooth and wet for the duration which I saw as a good sign.

I hopped in the shower to rinse out the hair mask. I could feel how untangled my hair was already. I quickly blow dried it, on a cool setting, when I got out of the shower. My hair is now super soft and feels really clean!


                       No flash


          With Flash…that yellowness

Not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but my hair feels so soft compared to what it was before. And it smells so good too. I think all Argan Oil products have the same scent, but it is so good. I honestly can’t see one thing wrong with this product. It is cheap, does what it says it does and I would say it would last up to about 6 uses(depending on how much hair you have of course).


            Amount left after 1 use

Amazing bargain buy!


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